Nerding Day: Swords of the Barbarians

To celebrate this Nerding Day, let’s play a round of Pulp Remix. Here’s how it works: I take a real book, steal its cover and jacket copy, then refuse to read any of it. Authors hate this one weird trick where you disregard their entire life’s work on a whim! Instead I will write what I suppose the book is about. Again, I do not change the cover. I do not change the jacket copy. Both of these are real:

Brought to you thanks to a tip from LDHaines

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I downloaded the preview of the actual book. It is pre-e-etty bad, and the creepy incest vibe is definitely present and poorly hidden, if… uh, if it was ever meant to be hidden.

You can safely say that you write better than Whatshisface McConan-Tradition.

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