Nerding Day: Pat and Julian – Power Nerds

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6 replies on “Nerding Day: Pat and Julian – Power Nerds”

Brit bellowing in here, as the Merkins can still taste the toothpaste and I can somewhat remember this from my youth.

There were 4 UK TV channels in 1985. ITV was channel 3 and was franchised off into regions of the country. In the North-west you got Granada, for example. Thames was the franchise holder for London and so had the plum commercial spot. This was the best that commercial TV got.

Anyhow, I just thought I’d cheapen this whole thing by saying that I found filthy magazines on railway sidings featuring women who looked just like Pam and so this article took me to places you didn’t intend.

The Anime action lines in the first image really betray how exciting this all is.

That’s because this version of Pat was still riding that euphoric wave of first week prescription drug abuse. You can practically feels the ecstasy as she carefully concentrates and successfully turns her head. Fast forward 63 more forged, emailed Vicodin scripts to 1984 pharmacies that thought it would be impossible to type Dr. next to your name unless you were one and Pat’s career progression to two photo spread in a British railway adult magazine makes perfect sense. Database’s loss was your gain. And the off track betters. But mostly yours.

I had to look up what that meant, but the lesson I learned is that I’m only four letters away from being right. So you’re telling me there’s a chance!

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