Man Comics Presents… Pouch Hopfucker! 🌭

From the shattered remains of an era where narrative arcs were punches and punches were men! Ladies, your loins are medically unprepared for Man Comics! MAN COMICS! MAN COMICS!!!

8 replies on “Man Comics Presents… Pouch Hopfucker! 🌭”

Thank you and fuck you for this glorious issue of Man Comics. Thank for returning the Master to us. We’ve waited so long. And Punchmaster for the go-home? Amazing. And fuck you for making me literally squeal while reading my phone in bed when I realized the Master had returned. That shits hard to explain to one’s wife.

PUNCHMASTER!!!!!! Tears of joy are streaming down my face. If I could choose how I leave this mortal coil one day it would be to have Punchmaster pummel me into oblivion.

Well, Punchmaster is better than nothing, although I miss Chet Chastity, and Dick Whiskey, and- is Drunk Flash still around?
People are too PC these days. Go Seanbaby, go!! Sorry – Drunk Flash was by another guy.

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