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7 replies on “SELF-DEFENSE For YOUR CHILD”

Okay, I’ve already lost the will to live anyway, I’ll say it: This was a very readable little article. TAKE ME NOW, MR BABY!

Talk all the shit you want, but when His High Holiness Tegner opined “in a ball game, you do not tell your opponent where you are going to aim the ball” I achieved total enlightenment. And in that moment it became crystal clear that this lost gospel was about so much more than ground kicking children. It was also about the fleeting nature of knee blocks, lower left posterior rib karate chops, and how we’re only put here to fuck one another up and hide our true intentions of where our balls are going. Deep shit, man. Deep shit.

I wanna see that shirt in the store, and then holding my karate-sploded chest cavity together.

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