Reflecting Day: It’s Time to Fire Topper!

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5 replies on “Reflecting Day: It’s Time to Fire Topper!”

I’m going to miss you Toppin… Chapley? Panty Goodriver? Somebody… What were we talking about again? I keep hearing the word “pants” in my head. Maybe I should put on some pants.

Farewell, Topper. I was the only one who ever rooted for you and I want you to remember that when you inevitably rise from your volcano lair to lay waste to all things hotdog-related. You will be missed, but probably forgotten fairly quickly.

Now that Topper’s gone, can we talk about the fact that he’s OBVIOUSLY Seanbaby’s long lost, non-mohawked identical twin, and speculate wildly about which of them was raised by the bio parents? Because honestly I could see that going either way.

I was enjoying Topper’s slow descent into debauchery, he will be missed.

Regarding merch—you bring the Joseph Grimaldi 11, 11 T-shirt and you can believe they will be bestsellers. Looking forward to seeing that PoxCo store!

I loved Topper these past two weeks. He was very 100 and not like a hot drink at all.

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