Japan’s Soul Tunnels

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5 replies on “Japan’s Soul Tunnels”

I had to put down my phone a few times from laughing so hard. I’d like to think that Brockway was joking about the pixilated microphone raw dog action last ing for a whole minute, but I’m too experienced and know he speaks the truth.

No one would dare to lie about that! It would break the circle of trust that makes the internet function.

I’m an anime fan and I kind of knew about very unfortunately blackface of the 80’s Japan. I discovered it because there was a Japanese theme song that slapped and I decided to look up the singer. Turns out he was an older man who was “Japan’s King of Love Songs”. Oh, and also his first group wore blackface. I mean, not since the mid 80s but 1) not good still and 2) in 2015, another pop group payed homage to his old group with him in a photo op and… yeesh.

This is definitely the least funkalicious thing I’ve seen in quite some time, and I’m a white Texan. My entire day is made up of seeing the whitest shit that anyone has ever seen outside of a New England Ice Cream Social, and this still pings an instinctive level on my “Problematic” meter that I can’t honestly describe with words.

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