Street Fighter the Animated Series

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12 replies on “Street Fighter the Animated Series”

Holy goddamn! You knocked that out of the park, and now I have been asked to leave the library.

I feel like everything was a kids cartoon show in the 90s. Mc Hammer had one, Micheal Jordan, and every Jim Carrey movie. Maybe it’s why we’re all so cynical of hollywood as adults, because we saw how stupid they thought we were as kids.

Also, Mortal Kombat and Highlander. Because what better properties to adapt in to cartoons than two series about people dying horrific, violent deaths.

Catching a virus from a wild animal… did Street Fighter the Animated Series make any other apocalyptic predictions that we could learn from before it’s too late??

Listen, if Psychosexual Monster Bondage isn’t your next album title, I’m afraid you’re off the payroll, my man.

In the image from the intro sequence Ken and Chun-Li are having an imaginary-pogo-stick race

Good lord. I remember this show being terrible when I watched it as a kid, and I didn’t even notice the genocide then.

I think that pig was a tapir. Sorry to be pedantic, but a tapir’s nightmarishly huge genitalia just makes your commentary that much funnier.

Here’s a fun fact that I’m surprised no one has brought up (myself included) in the nearly one year this article has been up: this horrendous animated series is technically the sequel to that Van Damme live action Street Fighter movie! Like I don’t think there are really any story tie ins or anything, but this version of Guile is William Guile, total dipshit. Ryu is Ryu Hoshi, grifted dipshit. Etc. I don’t know why, but I feel like this fact explains so much…

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