Learning Day: How to Have a Moneymaking GARAGE SALE Starring Phyllis Diller

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10 replies on “Learning Day: How to Have a Moneymaking GARAGE SALE Starring Phyllis Diller”

When and where will Master EastWest ambush you again Seanbaby?! Your car, your closet or….YOUR DREAMS?!?!

What do “digging through the closet,” “plowing through old boxes,” and “cleaning out the attic” all have in common? There all on the back of this box AND euphemisms for having sex with 1987 Phyllis Diller!

I can finally put my mind to rest knowing that having “more rhymes than Phyllis Diller” isn’t just gibberish.

A few things occur to me. Despite your hilarious efforts to the contrary, I would both readily own and cherish the advice of Ohyllis Diller on garage sales, lawn care, hell even driveway maintenance etiquette. Pure national treasure, that lady.

Second, had you made different life choices, I’m pretty sure you could have found and assembled that missing Malaysian airliner from a few years back by now. Your skills at scavenging the charred remains of civilization remain unparalleled, sir.

What the hell is that thing the Helpful Neighbor is lugging around? At first I thought it was a child but it’s obviously some kind of umbrella… standee… duck… thing and now it’ll never leave my nightmares.

Master Eastwest? THAT is some unexpected casting! Am I the only monster who wants to imagine Sensei Rainbow and Master Eastwest teaming up to karate a bite out of the youth vaping epidemic with every single Wilhelm scream added in?

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