Reflecting Day: The Year! In Review!

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6 replies on “Reflecting Day: The Year! In Review!”

Any time there’s an apocalypse people get powers from the thing that caused the apocalypse. Nuclear war brings mutation; viruses unlock the ancient secrets of the human genome; destruction by advanced aliens grants with it exposure to grand technologies.

We’re in the Stupid Apocalypse.


W-wait! I know that guy! That’s Pant… Pan Chapel? Panties Chipper? Why am I talking about panties? What were we doing, again? Huh…

I for one look forward to creeping into future Fucking Day comments to give my unsolicited insight from an unloved subculture.

Two genuine goals I have this year is to increase my Patreon level to have you ship something to me and join Defector (my other favorite group of writing degenerates). Hopefully I can manage this after the plague ends.

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