Hot Dog Appreciation Day

Hot Dog Appreciation Day: The Thin Broth of Winners

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5 replies on “Hot Dog Appreciation Day: The Thin Broth of Winners”

Fun fact about my avatar – I actually commissioned it at Rainfurrest 2015: aka the infamously terrible furry convention that was so bad furries were banned from Seattle for half a decade.

“Furries ruin everything” is an old furry adage for good reason. The actual worst part was the petty bullshit that isn’t salacious enough to repeat, like the guy who got pissed off and threw an entire towel shelf into the hot tub, or the fact that the collective fat asses of everyone destroyed the elevator multiple times

I should commission a new, more dynamic and optimistic avatar. Don’t got a clue what he should be doing, I feel like skateboarding out of an explosion while twirling nunchaku would feel too derivative.

Was that debacle that involved the furry SovCit lunatics? It’s been so long I can’t remember.

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