Teamworking Day: Cocktails

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12 replies on “Teamworking Day: Cocktails”

I actually think the characters where concieved of all at once and hastily scrawled on a bar napkin while he was high. We’re seeing the trip turn in real time

I watched the video once, so I might not be remembering this fullly – but I think I saw the same images for “HOT” and “SEX” several times as bumpers between the characters… same image. just moving in different directions.

I liked how they just had the dude coping with guilt over the death of his son… then a hard cut to a man dancing in speedos in a bar with glitter.

cant get too depressed with all this HOT SEX.

This was a goddamn journey. And there was a lesson in there somewhere. And I believe that lesson was that for every 27 hot gay men in San Francisco working out their issues there’s precisely one female Italian samurai out there, gettin it. Gettin hers. Representing the oft-marginalized Italian female samurai community with a calm grace. And so I think the lesson we’ve learned along the way is that if you’re willing to sleep your way through 27 of the finest men that community theater almost put on the short list for spotlight techs, then you’re ready to walk with an angel. I know I am, gentlemen. Thank you.

I solved the issue if Skip’s problems, he actually successfully prayed the gay away and was left a shell of a man. Honestly if this ever happens the Devil needs to end up being the gays ally all along because the devil loves drugs and butt stuff and Gabriel is so square.

I have a confession. Cousin Shelley’s “wonderful secret” is that she’s actually me. Apparently nobody in the Castro bar scene was able to pass a DC 5 Intelligence (Investigation) check, so they wholeheartedly believe I’m a regular human, and how dare anyone suggest otherwise.

I cant belive i drug myself through what seems to be a very deeply personal journey. That being said, i loved everything about this article, and my state’s newly reasonable stance on recreational pot. Worth the money, gents.

I agree with Brockway on everything, but I double agree with shadowrun love in the 90s. Plus, if you belive in yourself, and follow the teachings of Master Eastwest, you can totally take Seanbaby. Not Lydia Bugg though. She’d smear you into a thin red patina on her classy, gender neutral sensible shoes.

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