Teamworking Day: WorldWatch, Part 2

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21 replies on “Teamworking Day: WorldWatch, Part 2”

in the first panel, why does the spawn monster say “*Kiss* off”? Is this an american thing? It sounds kinda friendly. If someone told me to kiss off, I wouldn’t necessarily take it as an insult, more of a sexy goodbye, especially if it was from my gay Memphis one night stand where I was a bottom, for those keeping score.

Also re Cracked, man that place used to be a daily visit for me. I wrote a few columns there juuuuust before it fell to shit, and well before it became whatever it’s trying to be at the moment. Now, it’s like someone is weekend at bernies-ing the IP.

Wow, the worst thing is he obviously thinks this is like inclusive and subversive. Like yeah there were little to no gay or goat-dicked heroes when this came out but every decision was unreasonably wrong. Chuck Austen must have fallen into a vat of radioactive Malibu comics, I can only hope for an apology letter ending here too.

I think I wouldn’t hate this comic so much if you hadn’t taught me that sometimes comics can end with full written apologies. I’m not going to look it up, but I have to assume that issue 3 of this bullshit is just a statement issued by Chuck’s parents telling everyone how disappointed they are in him.

It’s surely not too late for you, Chuck! You can still be classy, like Malibu!!

Maybe someday Chuck Austen could start writing for current days Cracked.
”5 justifiable reasons for all your heroines to walk around naked”, ”21 homophobic and sexist slurs you never heard of”, ”Why Chuck Austen’s X-men run is greatly underestimated and probably the best in history”

I crumpled at the line about talking to the ex-wife’s pillow dent. Legendary takedown. Awesome article.

Oh my God, the fake ads for sexual Archie. Does… does Chuck Austin think he’s Alan Moore?

Insofar as this whole thing seems to be a Watchmen knockoff by a guy who didn’t really understand Watchmen, yeah, probably.

I’m still in awe over how Chuck decided to make a character who’s one character trait is “Perpetually horny, even moreso than the rest of these horny fucks” and gave him the real name of “Randy”. No criticisms here, that’s just good writing, clearly.

OMG, you nerds don’t even get it. This is an ADULT comic book, not some dumb kiddie comic from the 60’s or whatever. If you guys were cool enough to have adult friends to let you watch rated R movies and buy you lite beer from the 7-11 then you would know that they like boobies and bad words, and they do sex to each other.

So…….are we ever gonna talk about how this guy runs She-Ra now?

Because I definitely feel like we should talk about how this guy runs She-Ra now.

I was just looking up Chuck Austen’s latest work and came across this very thing, like how in the nine hells did he get involved with something t was actually good and progressive and not incredibly sexist towards women!?

I feel like after World Watch #3 Seanbaby and Brockway need to do an investigate journalism piece about who Quantum Leaped into his body or switched him out with a changeling

Thing is, in 2004 this is what a Certain Type of Guy thought was actually good and progressive. Having your hyper-Christian supervillain use Bush-isms like “misunderestimate” and making fun of homophobes by… uncritically inserting a bunch of homophobia meant that you were doing gritty, realistic satire or something.

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