Upsetting Day: Jewel-Osco’s JoJo Mascot Can Suck It

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5 replies on “Upsetting Day: Jewel-Osco’s JoJo Mascot Can Suck It”

“Legally distinct from a Minion” slayed me . . . it’s like when my sister failed student teaching, decided not to retry it, and could not be awarded an Elementary Education degree, so her degree reads “Bachelor of Science in General Studies, Non-Teaching Specification.” It’s not a degree, but a disclaimer.

For some reason I read this and thought: “oh, this must have been what The Tiger King was like even before that Netflix thing”

His shirt makes me feel nauseous. It’s bad enough when anthropomorphic creatures wear shirts with no pants but somehow it’s so, so much worse with this… thing. Those weird legs dangling out of that red furry thatch that is barely covering unspeakable things lurking in that moist darkness… blergh!

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