Teamworking Day: Couch Potato Workout

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10 replies on “Teamworking Day: Couch Potato Workout”

As someone who’s been following Seanbaby for decades, I can’t imagine a more fitting send-off. He would so happy to see how powerful Brockway has become. Rest in power, Mr. Riley.

So, because he looked oddly familiar, I figured I’d check out Bart Sumner’s IMDB page for myself; I’ve watched a lot of compete crap over the years, so I figured I might have seen him in something.

Well, it turns out I hadn’t, but I did learn some other interesting things about him. Like how he wrote a book in 2014 called “Healing Improv: A Journey Through Grief To Laughter” Which probably related to another tidbit from his bio: “He has been married to his wife Leslie since 1997. They have two children David (1999-2009) and Abby (2001-present).”

So that was soul-crushing. Just thought I’d share…

Came here specifically to mention this. Might be useful if Brockway has to move on because Seanbaby is still convinced he’s died, though.

Sean, Brockway, I just straight up love you fucking idiots. Where do yo even find this shit?

Thanks to the podcast I now know that anytime I see “Aieeee” to pronounce it differently for Seanbaby or Brockway.

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