Upsetting Day: More Email From God for Teens

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7 replies on “Upsetting Day: More Email From God for Teens”

“I know how deep the lake is”. When God needs to get rid of a snake bite dead Camp Life teenager, you will never find the body.

If I wasn’t already an atheist, the existence of this book would have made me become one out of spite.

Wow, I thought Old Testament God was an asshole, but Email God is a total douche. He’s like the worst drunk dude-bro cranked up to 11.

“Hey you weak, ugly, pathetic piece of crap! You’re nothing without me! You hear that? You can’t do jack shit without my awesome power. You heard of fucking birds? I made those! What did you do? Jerk off like the loser you are. Stop touching yourself and kiss my divine ass and maybe you’ll stop sucking a little less.”

Blessings be upon you,
Kickass OG God.”

there is few things i have ever read from a fictional villain more threatening and terrifying then “im not just some counselor at Camp Life: i built Camp Life.”

If one of these emails didn’t end with “King Kong ain’t got shit on me!” I’m going to be *very* disappointed in God.

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