Learning Day: Light Emerging

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9 replies on “Learning Day: Light Emerging”

Clearly since we are always right by design, our wise star souls are consciously choosing fuck up our energies for a very good reason. This makes Barbara a double idiot for trying to intervene. Leave me to my perfect machinations Barbara, I can destroy my internal organs if I want to! I don’t need your sympathetic magic!

Jesus Heoyan Christ (which I’m now certain the H stands for), have you ever seen an author use so many words to say so little? About all I got out of this is “everything wrong in your life (and sometimes in other peoples’) is your own fault”, and while I am ALL for people in 2021 actually accepting accountability, this is just making me angry. Angry at MYSELF, for CHOOSING not to live my best life and believe this malarchy! CURSE ME!

A real believer in the Shirley McLain school, it seems. Does Barbara believe in Atlantis, too?

Yeah, that whole rant about everything returning to the void, give yourself to the void…it’s pretty clear that Heyaon is an acamoth, seeking to drag all into the Abyss for shits and giggles.

Maybe The future she was shown happened to be early 2020. Seemingly paranoid People, noticably wary to get to close to each other in a mad rush to buy every last roll of their local store’s stock of toilet paper. It would be useless incomprehensible information and you would feel rather silly telling anyone about it.

Alternative plausability is a tricky field of work sometimes.

I’m an English major. I know what the majority of those words mean. Looking at the excerpts from the book, I think I speak for the entire English language when I say “What?”

I cannot get over the description of the “black-gunmetal-gray shape like a three dimensional triangle” scried within Cindy M., the doomed cancer patient.
Pyramid. That shape is called a pyramid. Of all the insanity spewed in this book I’d at least expect Barbara to know what that shape is.
(Or a tetrahedron, to cut off my pedantic DnD brethren.)

Ain’t that what whiskeys for? Triple fuck you, star energy witch. Don’t need your pseudoscience to blow my kidneys.

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