Upsetting Day: Natural Harvest

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43 replies on “Upsetting Day: Natural Harvest”

I’m cringing so hard through this whole thing my face hurts. Guess I’m not gay! (My wife will be relieved)

That 1 – you’d think being gay would make someone more likely to enjoy eating jizzed-on food and;
2 – you had to use this as an opportunity to tell everyone how straight you are, is very very suspicious

Hey Paul I know I’m late to the party but did you ever tell your wife you only casually enjoy cum?

What about the ladies? How is this gonna up their cooking game?
I keep my lady involved in the kitchen by marinating foodstuffs in her holes, but this still seems pretty chauvanistic to me.

Lumpier lumpia. Again with the lumpy semen? This guy is a special kind of insane and unfunny.

The real outrage is the inconsistancy! He’s been telling us lumpy semen is bad, and now he wants it lumpy just for the sake of a crap joke? To this, I say NO SIR! This I shall not abide!

Exactly! Pick a lane on the lumpy semen question, buddy! For some weird reason this was the line for me, as well. Not in the sense of “up until this point I was on board”, but “up until this point I wasn’t mad that this weird fuck wanted to share his excitement for eating semen”.

This legit made me feel ill. If Upsetting Day can ever be more upsetting than this, I don’t want to know.

i am deeply enjoying just how upsetting seanbaby has gone with his upsetting days lately. god tier content

I take pride in my iron stomach. I have lived a life where I have always been happy to try any food, any meal and have always believed that food is a language of love and acceptance where we share a bit of who we are. After reading this I found I am willing to be proud of something else and that I now truly understand the term, “over sharing.”

Probably one of the more reassuring times you see “not followed by anyone you are following”.

That was a lot to deal with.
…a real big load.*WINK!*

Seriously though, that made me uncomfortable.

Wow, this was the article that truly made “Upsetting Day” upsetting. I literally stopped reading the article in order to finish my breakfast because the first few sentences made me think “Yeah I can’t do this while eating” I’m very, very glad I waited. Hat’s off to the “chef” here for finding the true bottom of the internet

It is probably for the best that this one is patron-gated, if only because we are familiar with the fact that this kind of hilarity comes at a price.

(The price is my ability to understand laughter)

“MEMBER” of the “DICK” joke community? I see what you did there Sean. I don’t like it, but that has less to do with the joke itself (10/10 easy), but more with the fact that I’ve lost the ability to like anything ever again after reading this.

That he never actually talks about getting off makes it even creepier to me. He even uses the phrase, “semen producer”. Disassociating the cum from the cumming so hard raises a million questions that each would break me if answered.

I for one am glad this lunatic is fixated on cooking with his semen, because otherwise he might be using it to, like, breed. And that would be a world of unsurpassed darkness.

This was a tough one to get through. Like going through the five stages of grief only to end up feeling curiously hungry.

The good news is that it is in no way homophobic to find this horrifying, because I’m pretty sure the vast majority of gay men would be just as put off by this. In fact, if you ever do find this cookbook in a gay guy’s house, you…

Oh, who am I kidding? It’s much too late to be giving you advice now; you’ve been a severed head blankly staring out of that dude’s fridge for days already, next to an old Gerber jar filled with Laotian brogurt.

I suddenly have an overwhelming desire to eat some metal, rocks, and plastic. Anything not biological.

I hated learning that there were videos because I knew inevitably I’d seek them out, & here I am harbouring a new aversion to milk frothers.

So he wants us to feed our kids and moms homemade cum? Godec and Paul should get together and make pizza for his fat wife

As has been stated by others, this article truly encapsulated the experience of Upsetting Day.

From the confusion at reading the title, to the horrifying realization of the subject, to the stomach churning contents, and finally the unfulfilled hollow sensation that lingers after reading and will follow you for the rest of your days, this was a truly, truly upsetting day.

In fact, this article was so grotesque it brings to mind the question of what makes something upsetting? Why did this article, as opposed to the truly awful subject matter of other Upsetting Days, cause such a visceral reaction? What about the process of lavishly preparing semen in food turns it’s (relatively) normal ingestion into something so disquieting? What is it about ourselves that attracts us to such repulsive artifacts of humanity?

Oh, god. I’ve lost all perspective.. I’m seeing through the thin veil of our reality.. I am utterly and completely broken.

YOU did this to me SEANBABY!!! And I shall have my REVEEEENNNNNGGGGEEEEEE!!!

Don’t look at me; I think this popped something in my brain, too. I tried to make one cute little bon mot and almost immediately had the reader’s head in a fridge.

So…I recently backed this site and was happily making my way through the articles from oldest to newest. Of course this was going to be the last one available. I need a couple of liters of mouthwash.

I put off reading this for a few days because I couldn’t even grasp the concept. The world is a little darker now. I’ve spent the last few minutes looking out the train window at the gathering storm and wondering what sort of God allows this to be. The clouds didn’t answer,but I did see a crow shit.

Sean I’ve read every single article that has been posted to the website, and this is the first one I haven’t been able to finish.*

I think I’m going to vomit the next time I hear the word “lumps.”

Even just reading the back of the book blurb and seeing the cover made my jaw drop no less than seven times, each time further than the last. Not gonna lie, this one might best me.

Follow-up: In my youth, I thought myself a person of strength, of character, of conviction; one who could stand apart from the horrors of this world and say, “Nay. I am not of this evil.”

With the passing of time, these illusions were slowly stripped of me. I had not might, or courage, or resilience. But with this came the realization that surviving our monstrous reality required not these false virtues, but merely sufficient madness, a trait I, foolishly it seems, once believed I possessed.

Mr. Reiley, I stand now at the base of the trail you have shorn into this twisted, be-semened land, and I am well afraid. Not for whether I can walk the path you have shown; of that I do not doubt; but for what the journey will have made of me upon my return. Perhaps I have stared too long into the abyss, for I fear the abyss is now within me.

Wanted to reference this book but couldn’t remember the name. This article was not easy to find. There are 43 different results for the query “cum eating” on this site. “Semen recipe” narrowed it to 3.

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