Podcasting Day: The Man vs. The People of Comedy, with Jason Pargin 🌭

Joining us this week is friend of The 🌭 Zzone and beloved author of Zoey Punches the Future in the Dick, Jason Pargin! He, Brockway, and I (Seanbaby) share stories about how easy it is to bully cowardly publishers into taking articles down, and we’re trusting the world to use this knowledge only for good.

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And speaking of both buying things and copyright strikes, be sure to visit our online store to get a new-and-improved NOT Popsicle Pete. With brand new art by Rusty Shackles!

Our first version was taken off the store from what we thought was a trademark violation, which was strange because no company claims any ownership over this unliving parade leader of limitless cosmic suffering. How could they? How mirthlessly silly would Pete find such hubris to be? As you may know, the word we often use as a generic term for “flavored ice pop” is aggressively trademarked, but if that wasn’t it, why did they take it down?

Can you solve the mystery!?

You’re right! It turns out when Popsicle Pete became a top seller, some world wide web e-shirt executive noticed it and said, “That print is low quality.” So it wasn’t a copyright strike (yet). They just didn’t think the scan I made of a two inch misaligned print of a murder puppet from a bleeding 1949 comic then blew up to the size of a human chest looked very nice. So we paid Rusty to draw us a new one and then I made him look all fucked up in a hopefully more “intentional” way.

If you bought an original, congratulations! It’s a collector’s item– wear it carefully! And maybe buy this new, replaceable one for any knife fights or sexy car washes you’re attending. We’re also pulling some designs next week: Teamworking Dog, Punching Dog (all versions), Reading is Fucking Crazy, and Meatloaf problem are all going away. This is your last chance to get them! Okay, enjoy the podcast!

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Imma still wear it though, I also opened all my Star Wars toys as a child. My GI JOES used their more evolved elbow & knee joints to capture & maim the space invaders with fireworks & flammable liquids of all kinds.

Hey Sean, Robert and 1900🌭 Writers

I’ve never paid for internet content before, but I’ve been a fan since I accidentally stumbled upon Seanbaby many years ago. I’ve always felt a kinda special kinship with your stuff, like I’m in a secret club and now I can say I’m an official member. Anyhow, just a quick thank you for the hours of laughter. We are Chad

Very cool. I’m looking forward to those extra podcasts. My 7 year old daughter and I listened to the Mortal Kombat one while we were trying to sleep on our very first backyard camping trip. Really rough in’ it.

I love Jason’s appearances on the podcast, but I always feel so bad for him, and/or am convinced that this is some kind of Monkey’s Paw deal. Like all he really wanted out of all of this was to record with his friends Sean and Brockway, but nope, every single time he does, it’s a topic that causes him nothing but distress.

I’m a journalist in the UK and have only ever worked at the types of places that fight tooth and nail when someone comes threatening with lawsuits.

It’s so interesting to hear it from your point of view where the powers that be capitulate so quickly to a letter from lawyers. Understandable of course, especially when you point out that 99% of your readership came on the first day, so what’s the point in spunking a tonne of money you don’t have fighting something that will only be read a handful of times from then on. But it’s sad that comedy writing is apparently so widely open to legal abuse from subjects of articles.

I actually wrote a column for cracked years ago where I referenced a time we got a letter from lawyers at my last place, and we were so sure of our story and sources and the letter writer was so infuriated with us that they were only juuuuust keeping it professional, that we framed it in the office as a source of major pride. The story stayed up.

I came to look for the ‘martial artists who lied their way to the top’ article, did it get pulled here too? :-/

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