Nerding Day: Lessons I Learned From Fallout

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11 replies on “Nerding Day: Lessons I Learned From Fallout”

Hey, I remember this one from the before times. A classic. Insert Marty McFly at the 1950s dinner table.

I learned from Fallout that if my options are sneak by raiders, talk my way past them, or shoot through them; I’m a psychopath and will methodically ambush each one from the dark with a sword to the back for no good reason.

New Vegas taught me I will spend countless hours attempting to arrange objects decoratively in a virtual world that doesn’t allow it, to no one’s benefit but my own, while the real world around me crumbles.

But it’s ok, because my room in Novac is the prettiest of them all.

This made me laugh out loud. First time in a long while. I was reading other humour sites. This hooked me and I’ve upped my donations.

If I recall correctly, this was the article that cemented the “fight or fuck” options as “DOBtions,” a term I have never gotten out of my head since.

Fallout taught me that I am a good person, doing my best to make the right decision in difficult situations. However, there is also a darkness in me that will occasionally insist I save the game, murder literally everyone I can find in the most gruesome way possible, and then reload.
If there is a lesson here, I have yet to learn it.

Fallout taught me the same thing every Bethesda game ever has: My morality switches to pure evil if it’s required for an achievement, but otherwise I will make my life super difficult just to do the right thing.
Oh and that mutated tarantula hawks will eventually end civilization.

Fallout me I’ll work with anyone even slavers if there’s a promise a cool item I’ll never use. It also that as soon I as get said item it scorched earth time. Also I use less drugs in game even though I’m carrying a pharmacy at all times. Mainly because I forget I have them. When I remember though I take them all and go on a drug fueled rampage.
Then there’s megaton, megaton died because of Moria. She sent me out to get mutated, blown up and shot, so megaton paid. And of course she survived it scared the shit out of me when she started a conversation when I came to look at the ashes. But the terrible shotgun was there to give me the strength to finish the job.

I remember this from Cracked! The glasses part is what triggered it. I didn’t play FNV a lot at the time (on 360) then, good blast-from-the-past!

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