Learning Day: Sonja Henie’s Silly Hats!

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11 replies on “Learning Day: Sonja Henie’s Silly Hats!”

It says Lydia, but it feels very Seanbaby. Perhaps someone has taken on a new Padawan…?

It reminds me of about a week ago, where one of those “Women in History” Twitter accounts tweeted about a cool-sounding French lesbian athlete from the 1930s and ’40s… and neglected to mention that she became a Nazi spy and was killed by the French Resistance. Whoops!

They did that deliberately. The people who run that Twitter account are anti-trans and they’re trying to justify themselves as “feminists” allying with actual Nazis today to bash trans people.

β€œthe Heath Ledger of 0001”

Damn! Great line, lol. Had to think about it for a second! Bravo!

I grew up outside Detroit, and I think people were selective in their Ford history … but thats another accidental-hitler post for another day…

All that Hitler friendship? Welp, I did Nazi that one coming! I… swear, it’s funnier when it’s said out loud…

I could pretend I’m not jealous of the structural bait-and-switch here. But that would make me a Hitler-Shaker. Or Hitler-Gripper. Or One America News subscriber.

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