Learning Day: Sonja Henie’s Silly Hats!

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11 replies on “Learning Day: Sonja Henie’s Silly Hats!”

It says Lydia, but it feels very Seanbaby. Perhaps someone has taken on a new Padawan…?

It reminds me of about a week ago, where one of those “Women in History” Twitter accounts tweeted about a cool-sounding French lesbian athlete from the 1930s and ’40s… and neglected to mention that she became a Nazi spy and was killed by the French Resistance. Whoops!

They did that deliberately. The people who run that Twitter account are anti-trans and they’re trying to justify themselves as “feminists” allying with actual Nazis today to bash trans people.

“the Heath Ledger of 0001”

Damn! Great line, lol. Had to think about it for a second! Bravo!

I grew up outside Detroit, and I think people were selective in their Ford history … but thats another accidental-hitler post for another day…

All that Hitler friendship? Welp, I did Nazi that one coming! I… swear, it’s funnier when it’s said out loud…

I could pretend I’m not jealous of the structural bait-and-switch here. But that would make me a Hitler-Shaker. Or Hitler-Gripper. Or One America News subscriber.

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