Learning Day: Exo-Vaticana, Part 3

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6 replies on “Learning Day: Exo-Vaticana, Part 3”

“These guys hated each other so much that someone is still paying hosting fees to keep the site going over a decade after Sitchin’s death. That’s hardcore. I honestly strive to hate someone with such single-minded dedication someday.”

But that’s just being called The British.

Why and more to the point how does that Sumerian deity with reptilian features have Prince’s hair and shoulderpads?

Maybe Prince was an alien Sumerian deity… and when he changed his name he was trying to put himself by using the symbol for his name.
I honestly think alien deity is the only explanation for the movie Purple Rain.

I misread, “reported the holes to the police department” as, “reported the holes to the hole department” and honestly that would have made more sense. You gotta get the correct hole observer in there early.

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