Podcasting Day: Conan the Podcast, Part 3 – Red Sonja 🌭

For the third and final installment of our Conan Podcast Trilogy, Lydia Bugg looks upon 1985’s Red Sonja for the very first time. Will her young eyes ship it, or merely stan it? Will she notice it’s all the same people from the last movies with new names and costumes? Will she appreciate the bravery of the filmmakers in dedicating 70% of their feature blockbuster to a robot wrestling match in a pool? Will she be shocked by Seanbaby’s endless barrage of fun Conan facts? Like how Arnold Schwarzenegger and Brigitte Nielsen were fu–

We talk about all the many events that take up the film, like the unforgettable water brawl against a robot! Listen here or wherever you get podcasts!

From the costumes to the sets, we dive deep into this tale of Hyborian vengeance featuring sort of Conan fighting a robot in a pool! By Crom, we command you to review and subscribe!

This was a movie with so many memorable sequences that it lost 8 figures and made an entire genre of film unviable!

With standout performances by 12-year-old Ernie Reyes Jr. and most of the Nazis from Raiders of the Lost Ark, it’s a true classic. It even features a brief battle with a robot in a pool!

Fun behind-the-scenes fact: Arnold was tricked into starring in this movie, and at one point he fights against a robot in a pool!

We even discuss the brief moment when the horny and noble Kalidor takes on a pool robot!

Blink and you’ll miss it! Pool robot! Some poor designer spent all that time working on a functional mechanical eel which only appears on-screen for 210 minutes.

We also do a bonus podcast for our Patreon supporters where Brockway and Liddy face off in the Hyborian game of justice and vengeance known as Seanbaby’s Book Game! It’s more fun than Falkon punching up a bone massacre with a hilarious one-liner!

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