Upsetting Day: Corey Haim’s Me, Myself & I – Part 2

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5 replies on “Upsetting Day: Corey Haim’s Me, Myself & I – Part 2”

Fuck… now I gotta make a VHS cover for a B-grade Corey Haim movie called “Blood Dolphins.” I swear to Christ, this goddamn site just hacks my goddamn brain.

as someone that watched this video as I read the article… please watch. There are things happening not mentioned here at all… because there is just too much going on.

some highlights:
– someone off camera reminds Corey that the rasta accent is something he should do
– the director? has this sarcastic comment about worrying about a PA that is lost
– while telling the story about the teddy bear – there is a woman that is mic’d almost as good as corey having a conversation. Probably on the phone because you can only hear her half

One of the greatest VHS tapes ever. I want to be there when its inducted into the VHA hall of fame.

It took me over a week to read this article. I couldn’t handle more than about a hundred words per day because it was so painful, both for second-hand shame and due to the knowledge of how this guy’s life turned out (not to mention what we now know about his life _before_ this video.)

I had shoulder surgery yesterday, but I needed to type this thank you note through the pain because if I hadn’t read this, my morbid curiosity might’ve one day led me to actually watching the video itself, which must be 1000x worse. So thanks, 1900HD, for doing the hard work for us.

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