Hot Dog Year in Review: The Very Best Nerding Days of 2021 🌭

2021 was a fantastic year for nerds: you got big swingin’ dork movies, huge video game releases, and nobody stuffed you in a locker unless you had lockers in your house and married a bully – which you probably did because the sex is crazy. But most of all, you got all these prime nerding days!


What if Star Trek had less money, no morals, and a boner? Lydia found out!

New Adventures of Megaman Part 1

A Brazilian Megaman comic? Why, that’s probably just the story of Megaman battling Cut Man and Guts Man in Portuguese, right? It certainly couldn’t be about a robot boy horny for his sister while unexplained new characters rant about local politics, right?

New Adventures of Megaman Part 2

If you were thinking the author got ahold of himself, and his urges, you didn’t learn a goddamn thing from New Adventures of Megaman Part 1.

Everyone the Wonder Twins Rescued Should be Dead II: The Drag Race

Let the whimsy of Seanbaby, inventor of being funny on the Internet, deck your halls as he adds altered words to unaltered screenshots from the hit ’80s cartoon The Super Friends! What a card! A Christmas card, that is!

The Shield

Rob Liefeld is a hard thing to explain, but the art, storytelling, laziness, derivativeness, and complete collapse of 2021’s The Shield does a pretty good job. A man who can’t draw, and doesn’t want to, made another attempt at rebooting a Captain America character, really blew it, and abandoned the project to someone who wasn’t quite sure what was going on.
Rated T
Cover price: $3.99

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