Learning Day: WikiHow to Live in a Haunted House

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3 replies on “Learning Day: WikiHow to Live in a Haunted House”

Yesterday I said out loud, “Brockway needs to do another WikiHow article.”
Looks like I’m manifesting things again!

Which one is it, WikiHow? If I need to remove a ghost do I call a professional or not trust anyone who does it for profit? Or are all good ghost hunters just interns who only get paid in exposure?

as a fan the Brockway’s WikiHow oeuvre, I spotted something in the ‘how to get rid of a demon’ answer that is apparent in other articles Brockway has written about this wild, wild, website – actual advice completely diluted by lunacy.

In the demon question, the respondent tells the question asker to go to a therapist. That is good, actionable advice and if someone truly believes a demon is after them, it is no doubt very important they get professional medical help.

But it is sandwiched in between home made demon spray and demon bounty hunters.

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