Podcasting Day: The Barbarian Game with Brian McClellan! 🌭

This week on the Dogg Zzone 9000, our guest is fantasy author, podcaster, and licensed barbarian Brian McClellan! Brian is the author of the acclaimed Powder Mage series and host of the Page Break podcast, where he interviews authors, artists, and unassociated maniacs alike. 

Now, Brockway was intrigued by Brian’s Class B License to Barbarian, so he put together a challenge for him and unlicensed barbarian Seanbaby – what if the 1987 sword and sorcery movie The Barbarians, starring The Barbarian Brothers, but you roleplay it? 

No, this is not a podcast about an RPG adaptation of that movie. No, Brockway didn’t turn the movie into the setting for a roleplaying game. It’s just the movie, but you play it. It’s… listen, it’s just easier to show you.

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One reply on “Podcasting Day: The Barbarian Game with Brian McClellan! 🌭”

I would just like to correct Brockway’s version of the final battle with Kadar, as it’s actually even dumber than he explains it (somehow): Kadar’s crossbow doesn’t randomly jam when he tries to shoot the twins, he tries to fire it with the missing finger they bit off at the beginning of the movie.

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