Upsetting Day: How Not to Look Old

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11 replies on “Upsetting Day: How Not to Look Old”

Jesus that’s an unexpectedly dark ending. Apparently trying to look young makes you die young as well.

If you told me and showed me nothing about Charla Krupp but the name, and then asked me what she was like, I would assume she was a witch who had long since cracked the secret of eternal life, but not youth. That lady got that name from Roald Dahl’s stolen notebook and you cannot convince me otherwise.

If you had showed me only the picture and the name, I would have assumed she is a spare blonde Fox News keeps in storage for the day Laura Ingraham, say, becomes too toxic or too old to keep on air

One issue I always have with “this look, not that look” they never do a side-by-side comparison. The dark lipstick vs the light gloss? One is neutral pursed lips, and the other is a big wide smile, even without the color, those two mouths are doing way different things. I know the smile is supposed to indicate “correct” but it gives away it’s all a psychological trick in the first place

Yeah, the only thing those pictures showed is that the secret to looking young is professional lighting.

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