Podcasting Day: Astrology Songs with Stephen Blackmoore! 🌭

This week on the Dogg Zzone 9000, best-selling necromancer author, Stephen Blackmoore, joins us to make sense of twelve mysterious and metaphysical music videos sent to us from the stars. We’re, of course, talking about Harvey Sid Fisher’s Astrology Songs.

Listen here, or wherever!

Where did these songs come from? Of what use are they? How so strange? Why am the? Did they live up to their creator’s hopes of “making him a billion dollars?” Don’t ask us. We each dedicated ourselves to becoming experts on the backup dancers.

You should really watch one before listening, because all three of us work as communicators and none of us were able to explain what they are. They’re theoretically educational songs, but for a thing that isn’t real by a singer/songwriter who isn’t an expert in it, with distractingly hot and weird backup dancers. Four cameras are pointed at them, and all of their footage is randomly composited together like those old portraits with two pictures merg– let me start over. You know when you’re getting your official police photo taken but you also want to honor the Karate aspect of your spirit?

It’s like that, but less magical or sexy. I’m not explaining it very well at all. You should just listen.

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This poor sweet man was gracious enough to joyfully wish Sean baby a Happy Hraveus and I feel like his kindness will soon be betrayed.

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