Teamworking Day – Celebrity Guide to Wine

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8 replies on “Teamworking Day – Celebrity Guide to Wine”

You say Whoopi Goldberg gives the least shots about anything, but I KNOW you’ve watched Harrison Ford in the Star Wars Christmas Special.

That’s supposed to be the least shits but my autocorrect doesn’t like profanity.

Yeah so I’m Wine People. Studied wine in France. I damn near became a sommelier, so I knew I wasn’t going to get out of this hotdog situation unscathed. But listen- Shut up. Listen. If you want to put ice in your wine and rub it into your nipples then go with God, you delicious swine. Life’s too short to be shitty about grape juice.

Guys. Look at the last gif of Bernard Erpicum (a name you could not pay me to speak backwards) and where his index finger falls on the glass.


There’s more wine in the glass than when he started! What the hell is he!?

I own this. Got it at an estate sale. (Dead people have/had great shit.) Never watched it. Tapes busted.

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