Podcasting Day: American Inventor with Drew Toothpaste and Natalie Dee! 🌭

This week we’re joined by co-founders of internet comedy, Drew Toothpaste and Natalie Dee. Natalie and Drew have been making Weird Internet Shit far longer than any of us feel comfortable discussing. Find them at the Garbage Brain University podcast, or here, right now! To commemorate all of us being veterans of the comedy wars, we made them watch the first episode of American Inventor, which of course they had already seen. 

American Inventor was a failed reality show from 2006, when it was impossible to fail as a reality show. It was a predecessor of Shark Tank but with a more evil premise, crazier inventors, and scummier hosts. Let’s meet the judges:

Ed Evangelista, the untrustworthy one!

Peter Jones, the posh one! Brilliantly untrustworthy.

Mary Lou Quinan, the woman one! Confidently untrustworthy.

And Doug Hall, the eccentric inventor! There’s something about a white guy in a Hawaiian shirt and denim jacket that screams “trust me with your dreams.”

Doug brags hard and often about his elite luxury invention compound where the world’s best minds think professionally, untethered by material concerns. Let’s take a look at those sprawling resort grounds, Google Street View!

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2 replies on “Podcasting Day: American Inventor with Drew Toothpaste and Natalie Dee! 🌭”

I’m always blown away by the brutality of the language they force contestants to use on these shows. Through branding alone they’ve got this guy to look dead into the camera and say ‘I’m the greatest American Inventor’ before standing in a sack of his own piss.

It takes the humiliation to the next level while also eliminating any chance the audience is going to feel bad about the show punching down on this guy. I know I’m being manipulated and I still hate him for saying it.

Loved this episode. I hope we get a follow-up if anything to discus the one lady who had invented an inflatable “tantrum tunnel” to throw crying children into.

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