Podcasting Day: The Double Trouble Barbarian Game with Michael Swaim! 🌭

What if one barbarian was a cop and another was a jewel thief? What if they were twins? What if you were them? What if Small BeansMichael Swaim was half of that? Congratulations, you’ve just imagined “Double Trouble,” the podcast game by Brockway based on the film Double Trouble. And to be clear, this is a game about the 1992 Barbarian Brothers Double Trouble, not the Hong Kong, ’80s sitcom, Italian, Elvis, Punjabi, or Mary-Kate & Ashley ones, which I imagine are coming soon.

Listen here, or wherever you get podcasts. Like, and have your Good Cop twin Review. Or Share, and have your Bad News twin Subscribe. Thanks for doing that, but that’s not all! Patrons get a bonus podcast where they can play along with Brockway’s second Barbarian Brothers Double Trouble Home Roleplaying System where Swaim and Seanbaby face off to rewrite the ending of Double Trouble! Again, not the Elvis or the Punjabi one! The barbarian cop one! Here are their character sheets!

It’s double the Fun! Quadruple the Trouble! 23 the Barbarian! All day today in the Dogg Zzone 9000!

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