Upsetting Day: CAKE! SLAP!

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10 replies on “Upsetting Day: CAKE! SLAP!”

In a more beautiful world, the bridezillas would try to one-up each other on how they destroy the cake. Like in seasons 1-3 you see a lot of punching, but in season 11 one of them blasts the cake with a whaling harpoon or something.

Great article. A view into a world I will never understand, which is why I am a patron. That said, it was Edward Norton in that scene in Fight Club.

It’s tagged as martial arts! Somewhere, Ashida Kim is sneaking up on a typewriter to start his next book.

Hopefully the keys can resist poison typing techniques.

I think Robert is misleading you, but he specifically said “no follow up questions” so I guess we’ll never know…

I want to see a full hotdog series on this. Seanbaby’s Cake Punching Woman Comics, Brockway’s Choose Your Own Rage-Fueled Misadventure: Fuck This Cake, Sissyneck got a little confused and reviewed cake sitting videos on YouTube, etc.

My favourite wedding cake violence is when the bro needlessly dives through one in the video for November Rain

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