Learning Day: How to Improve Your Memory Fast

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11 replies on “Learning Day: How to Improve Your Memory Fast”

I’m going to be honest, this is more or less the same series of results you get back if you make any good faith google for help with fibromyalgia. Regrettably by making this joke, I have almost certainly caused this maniac to begin writing a book of tips for fibromyalgia.

Recently, I finally tracked down a copy of 1001 Best Places to Have Sex in America, and while sure, that’s a bad book… holy hell, it can’t hold a candle to this piece of shit. At least when Dan and Jennifer wrote “bathroom fucking” several hundred times, they tried to add lame modifiers to make it seem slightly different? Coulton is just like “You’re probably too stupid to notice me saying sleep 4000 times anyway” and called it a day.

A surprise Dennis Miller impression is like being run over by Oingo Boingo at the Winnipeg Oktoberfest, babe.

Looking forward to buying a copy of seanbabys upcoming title “Fuck You, 324 ways to no seriously- fuck you”

I’m pretty sure that Adam Colton is the name of a computer program that googles things and pipes the results to a pdf generator.

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