Nerding Day: Joe 90 – The Most Special Agent

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6 replies on “Nerding Day: Joe 90 – The Most Special Agent”

This is insanity. This is the dot above the i in Jeremy Berimy. This is more wrong-universe than the lists of things to be happy about, or the incel rage pickup artists, or the christian science. There is a slit in the underbelly of reality and this thing wriggled out.

I dunno… kinda think id rather we went BIGRAT instead of Ritalin Prozac and Participation Trophies for the kiddies.

Gerry Anderson is weirdly motivating to me when I have doubts about my creative work.

That man walked what must have been dozens of pitch meetings armed with nothing but the confidence of the insane and the phrase “murder puppets for children.”

Believe in your dreams, folks.

You forgot the best part – where the Russian tour guide hauls Mack in to meet the commander, and after explaining that a 9 year old stole the plane (and having Mack corroborate it!), the commander hilariously sends the tour guide off to the gulag! You can even hear him begging for his life as he’s led away! Nice work, boy commando and scientist dad!

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