Upsetting Day: 101 Things to do During a Dull Sermon

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12 replies on “Upsetting Day: 101 Things to do During a Dull Sermon”

Side note, the only reason a pastor mentions AIDS in 1984 is to illustrate that God hates the Gays.

I saw Hal Lindsey on the AIDS bingo card and immediately thought “WTF did Barney Miller do to make these chipmunks angry?!?’ but then I quickly realized I was thinking of Hal Linden and quietly moved on with my life

I actually owned this book as a kid in the early 2000s- my mum worked for the church so I read it every day while I was at work with her.

Occasionally, unbidden, I still have the urge to scream ‘It’s the rapture! ‘

Pastor Tim Sims sounds like he should be writing a book about Dino-Christ, not his foot fetish.

I can’t bring myself to hate this book entirely. It reminds me too much of my dear Roman Catholic grandfather, who played jokes on people during the “offer your neighbour a sign of peace” part of each mass.

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