Podcasting Day: Congo with Lydia Bugg 🌭

You’ve had today marked on your calendar, but you never knew why. Circled in red, a crude eye in the margins, as though drawn by primate fingers. “Herkermer?” You wrote, certain you were having a stroke. But no, you just knew deep down that today…

Is Congo Day!

Lydia Bugg joins us to discuss the best ape adventure ever produced, though perhaps “discuss” is the wrong word, since most of this podcast is wild hooting. “Produced” doesn’t feel right, it feels more like they got the cast drunk in the jungle for two uneventuful weeks, and then, on the 15th day, ambushed them in ape costumes. Oh man, “adventure” is certainly the wrong word, but there’s no right one since an ape does a flip into lava to avoid a laser in this movie – all words are failures in the face of that majesty. 

Come, experience Congo with us. Learn why all apes instinctively fear Laura Linney.

In celebration of Congo Day, our new community holiday, we’re bringing back LAVA APES OF THE LOST CITY – the piece of Congo merch we had designed for no reason, many months before doing actual Congo content. 

Be like Laura Linney and burn the ape of complacency by subscribing to our podcast, and then be like the ape, and do a sick flip into lava. You, of course, understand that the sick flip is your endorsement, and the lava is the internet. You’re leaving us a review. You get that. It was dumb to explain it.

Podcast illustrated by Brett Ellefson

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