Upsetting Day: The Horror at Red Hook

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Typical humourless contribution: Alan Moore’s Lovecraft deconstruction series, Providence, is probably his best late career comics work. It is very Alan Moore, if that is anathema to you, but it is a good exploration about how the bigotries and puritanical obsession with sex of Lovecraft suffuse his work and legacy even as the power of his imagination has thoroughly, hopelessly, permanently altered pop culture.

Note to Self: Skip anything written by “Dennard” in the future, and permanently discontinue Patreon contribution if “Dennard” ever takes over for Seanbaby again.

come complain about it in the discord we are forming a huge army in the discord about this issue just join the discord and make sure you loudly say that you are Lucas from the comments section when you join so we know to let you into the super secret anti-Dennard channel

A big chef’s kiss to the whole article. It is so good to see this kind of work on the last great humor website. Makes “serious” websites/newspapers look like baby time frolics.

What sucks about having a brain like mine is that I’ll be wondering what that guy thought he was saying by putting “Dennard” in quotes for DAYS.

The most likely explanation is that he thought the name Dennard was so weird and alien that it was inherently implausible. The (even) less charitable explanation is that it is the equivalent of nazis putting Jewish names in ((parentheses)).

Newb. Everyone knows try-hard proto-Nazis use three parenthesis not two…

I am disappoint.

Dang it, my adoration for Dennard’s writing is fighting with my fanboy for Lovecraft! It’s like Yoda vs Dracula! Can’t… pick.. a side….

I devoured (aha!) Lovecraft stories as a kid, but it still took me a LONG time to make the connection that what Howard was afraid of wasn’t Cthulhu, it was the Voodoo practitioners and Degenerate Dutch that worshiped Cthulhu!!

This was awesome.

I mostly haven’t touched Lovecraft since reading him in middle school, and even as a white kid growing up in the mostly white part of town, I distinctly remember reading this story and going, dang, this guy is kind of overreacting to living in a diverse neighborhood. I kind of wrote it off as him being a product of his time (as the article notes, his contemporaries, like the guy who wrote Conan, weren’t exactly free from these kinds of shitty attitudes) but boy oh boy was I wrong about that. Rereading the story now, yeah. It’s exactly as bad as people say.

Lovecraft’s racism is weird when you really stop and look at it. All non-white folks (and a lot of white people to) are horribly evil and degenerate. The pure elevated whities are totally oblivious to how the universe works and are going to be the first to die though. I suppose it’s the same nonsense as the people who consider other races inferior and think those inferior races will out compete them.

I was worried going into because as a Lovecraft fan I already knew the answer is “Yes and very, but he was a full on xenophobe towards humanity itself due to a traumatic, short and sad life that undeniably made his work as iconic as it is.” So I’m glad we got clarification that white people aren’t better than anyone else in this series or in Lovecraft’s personal beliefs. Futhermore he disagrees on the concept of a “white race” as he makes distinctions of the Celtic and Nordic races. I also would put The Rats in the walls and The Lurking Fear up as examples of why if a proud boy read it alongside a dictionary they would know he hates them too, beating them at racism.

Well I enjoyed this.

Does confirm that I absolutely don’t need to read any of Lovecraft’s crap. This kind of deconstruction is as far as I need to go.

“Accursed Flutes” sounds like whatever going on in band practice for Marching Band about now. I also appreciate that one has an incomprehensible Black Metal lookin’ font.

Finally, hah-hah at the pissy racists.

I was so confused by this one as a kid; I was certain he must be talking about a section of New York inhabited by literal monsters, because no one would describe actual people like that, and why didn’t anyone believe the cop when there was clearly a monster neighborhood right there? At least we got The Ballad of Black Tom out of it.

I’m disappointed in you Dennard. In all of this hoity-toity think-piece, you overlooked the most obvious and important thing about these passages.

“Luminosity of the Crypt,” “Poisons older than History,” and “Certain Odd Things” are great band names.

You guys are the best. Every minute of pretending I understand Photoshop is worth it.

Well even though it wasn’t Learning Day I still learned a lot reading this. Thanks Dennard!

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