Podcasting Day: Bloodsport 2 (The Second One About Bloodsport) with Vanessa Guerrero and Zak Koonce 🌭

It’s finally here, the day you’ve all been waiting for: It’s the Bloodsport podcast! Again! Bloodsport expert Zak Koonce and Bloodsport professor Vanessa Guerrero joined us, Bloodsport scientist Seanbaby and Bloodsport sommelier Brockway, to talk about Bloodsport for the second time. Why did you assume there would only be one Bloodsport podcast? That would be insane. Brace up for a 3rd-through-50th, we’ll Bloodsport ‘til the world dies. 

Side note: Everyone knows the Bloodsport poster rules – it’s all kick and nothing else, because nothing else was needed. But just for fun I’ll show you my other favorite Van Damme movie posters in this writeup.

You might remember the first time we bloodcasted our podsport with Maggie Mae Fish – it was wonderful, perfect. She had never seen the film, and got to experience it for the first time with us as her kumite sherpas. It was an impossible-to-beat achievement in entertainment, much like Bloodsport, but much like Bloodsport II, The Quest, WMAC Masters, Arena, Undisputed, the Mortal Kombat franchise, UFC 1, every third movie starring Jean Claude Van Damme, and every single movie starring Don “The Dragon” Wilson – that didn’t stop us trying. 

For the first Bloodsport podcast we introduced a smart young woman to the best Van Damme movie that doesn’t feature time travel or a sassy lost twin, then got her fresh take on a wonderfully dumb old movie aimed at men. 

This time we’re going with experience – Bloodsport blackbelts only, discussing the ways that Bloodsport shaped the people, and unstoppable fighting machines, that we’d become.

There’s no further agenda for bringing Bloodsport up again! This is a safe and easy podcast. Stop checking for conceptual traps, weird twists, and sudden dives into other genres. It’s just Bloodsport, buddy. Kicks and stuff! 


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So I’ve imdb’d it and as far as I can tell that is legit the box art of fist of glory.

Was gay invented after 1991?

There better be part 2 where they play the actual game… There will be, right? I’ve already put down a town of money on Drank Fux

Thanks, guys. Now all I can think about is how badly I need to see A Madea Family Kumite.

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