Learning Day: Link

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5 replies on “Learning Day: Link”

Link reminds me strongly of one of my old bosses. Super creepy. The Shue bits were very calming though thank you.

I appreciate Sissyneck’s attempts to help assuage our fear, but the implied ape rape has left a hollow feeling in my soul that makes this feel like the worst Upsetting Day.

I just can’t wrap my head around them dyeing the orangutan black and giving it fake ears. Was it cheaper to cast an orangutan than a chimp or something? If so, why didn’t they just make it a killer orangutan in the script?

Award: Best Use of Elizabeth Shue in a Comedy setting.


Award: Best use of Elizabeth Shue in a Horror setting.

A fine day’s work, sir.

Is it possible ‘Link’ is the dark sequel to the tv show ‘Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp’?

After working in the secret service (MI6 I guess?), the trauma of all the shit he’d seen including the gruesome death of his partner Mata Hairi, made Lancelot Link lose his chimp mind, drop the first name, move to the countryside and begin a spree of death.

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