Podcasting Day: Kumite – The Home Game, with Zak Koonce and Vanessa Guerrero 🌭

At the end of our Bloodsport 2 podcast (our second podcast about the first Bloodsport), we hit you with a teaser for our upcoming Bloodsport RPG, Kumite: The Home Game. Starring Kicking and Screaming’s kickful Vanessa Guerrero, The Auralnaut’s auralful Zak Koonce, and 1900HOTDOG’s dogful Seanbaby. And me (I’m the other one!) hosting as your Bloodmaster. When we first announced this, you rightfully did not trust us. “This is a joke I don’t fully get,” some of you said, nursing tight smiles. “I know when to expect a betrayal around here,” others said shakily, “and it’s always.” You were right on both counts! But we’re actually doing this one. Listen to the setup episode right now!

We use the German poster as the landing page for our campaign on Roll20, which was chosen because Kampfart makes me laugh. 

I looked it up, this tagline means “the toughest fight ever.” “Harteste Kampfart” is how you say “toughest fight” in German. I looked it up, and German is a real language!

A brief introduction to our characters: Vanessa Guerrero plays Francine Ducks, our resident Ninja Liar.

Zak Koonce channels mystical martial arts bullshit as our Karate Shaman.

And Seanbaby is our Unstoppable Kick Machine. He initially followed naming conventions and called himself Fraud Kicks, then he showed up to the game as Tarantino Liefeld and changed his avatar to this. 

That’s the kind of game this is going to be. Episode One in two weeks!

If your mind is ready and your heart’s on fire, push it over the wire in your very own Kumite: The Home Game: The Podcast: The Shirt

Artwork by: 56-time Art Kumite Champion Rusty Shackles

Modeled by: You!

7 replies on “Podcasting Day: Kumite – The Home Game, with Zak Koonce and Vanessa Guerrero 🌭”

I think you guys pulled another Bordello of Blood here, and bumped Dungeons & Dragons from your D&D podcast…

This is session zero, it’s supposed to be just game talk, figuring out and introducing characters. Episode 1 comes out in two weeks — THAT’S the one we just forgot to put D&D in.

This is like Not Another D&D Podcast in the sense that it really isn’t a D&D podcast at all, and that’s just the Hotdog Style

I’ve never been more excited to hear about someone’s absolutely disasterous homebrew

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