Podcasting Day: The Underground Comedy Movie with Abe Epperson 🌭

Seanbaby wanted to invite brilliant filmmaker, writer, and podcaster Abe Epperson from Small Beans on the podcast to discuss cinema. It was a fantastic idea, so we did that! Then he had a second idea: Let’s watch Vince Offer the ShamWow Guy’s sketch collection, The Underground Comedy Movie!

Seanbaby is no longer affiliated with the site. 

I don’t know why you would subscribe to our podcast after this. I’m asking you not to leave us a review based on this episode. 

3 replies on “Podcasting Day: The Underground Comedy Movie with Abe Epperson 🌭”

I am genuinely surprised you featured a movie I am wholly unwilling to watch. I didn’t think I had that kind of floor within my mind, at least in the directions you all stretch out towards. Thank you for granting me evidence of my own development towards self-care.

I love wrestling and mma, so I am used to the guilt-tinged enjoyment that you have provided for taking the neurological damage you have endured on our behalf.

I love bad movies; I feel like every bad movie has so much more to teach you about humanity than any good movie. Every perfect family is the same, every broken home unique type of thing.

The only thing this movie can teach is exhaustion.

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