Nerding Day: 1993’s Street Fighter 2 Toyline

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6 replies on “Nerding Day: 1993’s Street Fighter 2 Toyline”

I still think the most 90s thing i can think of are the Biker Mice from Mars.

im almost positive that whole concept was first pitched sarcastically by a jaded tv writer who couldnt get over the success of teenage mutant ninja turtles.

Chun Li showing she has no fucks to give as she holds on to the outside of a jet powered car driven by some sort of Jungle toxic accident mistake. Man, these things rule!

Get off my lawn:
There don’t seem to be any action figures anymore. All toys are Lego. Here, child, spend a day building an inexplicable Spider-Man car! Are you insane!? DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PLAY WITH THE TOY! Set it on the special shelf and admire it. You can go back to your videos about Minecraft.

LEGOs: be a creator! Correctly follow all three hundred pages of our detailed and specific assembly instructions! DO NOT COMPLAIN TO ME ABOUT YOUR WORKING CONDITIONS, UNGRATEFUL URCHIN!

Holy crap, I have that tank Guile rides in…I had forgotten and would have never in a million years guessed it was from Street Fighter Toys. Maybe Arnold Furst, insane hypnotist could have dredged it up, but no other way besides 1-900-Hotdog

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