Upse- LEARNING DAY??: How to Prepare and Administer Hypnotic Prescriptions

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8 replies on “Upse- LEARNING DAY??: How to Prepare and Administer Hypnotic Prescriptions”

The secret ingredient to hypnotic prescriptions is trauma. No not healing it, inflicting it. And not just to patients but to everyone who comes into contact with them. To everyone who comes into contact with this godforsaken tome. Put this forbidden knowledge back in the hell-portal you pulled it from you fool! Before it’s too la-AAAAIIIIIEEEEE!

Holy shit, by the end I was doing this weird gasping teary eyed laugh that I think ultimately would be classified as gibbering.

So I looked up what else Borden Publishing Company printed.

Mostly it seems to be kids books like Ten Little Ponies and Ten little Chicks in the Farmyard. Art books like The Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci and Drawings of Toulouse-Lautrec. Seems OK.

But I also see that they published Modern Chinchilla Fur Farming, and I can only assume it involves the most bizarre interactions between man and rodent for the purposes of illicit intercourse under the influence of mesmeric powers ever recorded.


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