Podcasting Day: Kumite – The Home Game with Vanessa Guerrero and Zak Koonce! 🌭

Fuck you, Alf. Wait, wait I can explain! As of today, there are more episodes of the Dogg Zzone 9000 (100: Amazing) than there are of the long-running television show, Alf (99: Pathetic). So let me repeat: Fuck. You. Alf.

To celebrate this incredible milestone, we are doing exactly what we always do: whatever the hell we want. For one hundred episodes we have followed our hearts, and they have never let us down. There are no rules in the Zzone, there never will be, and Alf can fucking suck it.

Over 100 episodes, we have watched ninja movies with a UFC champion, and made a professional voice actress read Heathcliff comics. We taught an adult film star how to make love and a different adult film star the Christian way to be toxicly masculine. Across five episodes, Brockway almost solved a 12-year-old reality show murder. We made a Jeopardy! champion watch a game show about lie detector humiliation, and had an animal lover on to help us beat up animals. We discussed hillbillies losing many fights to Bigfoots with a bestselling author, reenacted a Barbarian Brothers movie with another, and asked the creator of one of the largest sci-fi franchises of all time to decode a “Superbowl Shuffle” knockoff. We made our own Lydia watch every Conan movie, and today we are playing Kumite: The Home Game!

Kumite: The Home Game is a roleplaying game system developed by Robert Brockway where Zak Koonce, Vanessa Guerrero, and Seanbaby play the three parts of the brain inside disgraced ninja liar, Frank Dux. Do you know what the producers of Alf would have said if you came to them with that premise? They’d say, “We don’t exist anymore because we are quitters.”

Listen here! Or wherever you get podcasts! Review! Like! Okay! USA! (Art by Rusty Shackles)

If you like Rusty’s Kumite: The Home Game art, you can get it on a shirt here at the Poxco Store! Shattered enemies not included!

4 replies on “Podcasting Day: Kumite – The Home Game with Vanessa Guerrero and Zak Koonce! 🌭”

I did six years of active duty and I laughed so fucking hard at tossing a veteran through a door and looting his skin.

I hope Kumite – The Home Game goes on forever. Zak and Vanessa are hilarious. Thank you.

Secondedβ€”I would listen to an entire podcast series of nothing but this.

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