Punching Day: Carnosaur 2

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5 replies on “Punching Day: Carnosaur 2”

I’ve always thought calling CARNOSAUR “the movie Jurassic Park should have been!” was the god-damned ballsiest marketing quote. That’s up there with “AKA Japanese Evil Dead.”

Hey now. Bloody Muscle Body Builder In Hell is an urgent love letter to the movie it’s ripping off shot by four genuine fans in a broom closet. And the gore effects still manage to look better than anything in the Carnosaur movies.

The missing link between Carnosaur and Carnosaur 2 is Tammy and the T-Rex, a 1994 movie written in a week and filmed in two weeks, because the director only had access to the cool T-Rex robot for a month.

Ah, yes, I remember how that movie ends because that’s the only part I’ve ever seen.

I remember this movie mostly because I saw it when I was also in school with a guy named “John Savage.” He was a white Mormon with a stupendous ‘fro.

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