Teamworking Day: Baby Got Book

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5 replies on “Teamworking Day: Baby Got Book”

Aw, hell. This… isn’t a surprise, really, that he’s from Cleveland. Not at all. There’s been plenty of times I’ve just been minding my own business and someone will come up to me trying to self-promote their CD of bad raps or something. Nor does it surprise me that he has a church. This city’s lousy with churches trying to gain some sort of relevance.

Can’t even say I’m disappointed by all this. All I know, now, is that some day I’m going to run into this guy. And when I do… do I tell him I’ve heard of him? And how? Or hide what I know of him?

To be a pedantic bitch, Teen Witch didn’t do the rapping herself; she cursed her friend to do it as punishment for looking at some Jersey asshole that was the closest to a POC the producers would let on camera as he “danced” and “rapped,” and saying, like she was impressed, “he’s so funky.” So, really, they all belong in Hell, the two “rappers” for their obvious crimes, and the Teen Witch for using her power for evil.

It really is time for Teen Witch to get a dark, gritty remake only they still have to do the rap battle.

Past time! And yes, the rap battle must happen, but it should be the dark portent of how her newfound power can go horribly, horribly wrong.

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