Upsetting Day: Vegemorphs

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5 replies on “Upsetting Day: Vegemorphs”

I know they describe him differently, but I can’t help but imagine Fun Gus as looking like Funguy from Chrono Cross.

I’ve never had someone so perfectly describe how it feels to read a pun, you really grasped the true struggle of the mind as it tries to protect itself and move forward.

I like the coice two of the most depressing animorph book covers, in one the pre-teens must decide whether to kill, kidnap, or allow to become slaves a family that was out camping before a genocidal battle with civil war flashbacks, the other involved the pre-teens forcing one of them to murder a child they permanently disfigured and the book ends with the forced murderer crying for her lost innocence, I loved these books as a child and i’m concerned about that

I’m going to keep saying this. No. I’m going to yell it. DENNARD AND SISSYNECK NEED TO TEAM UP, TRAVEL THE COUNTRY, AND SOLVE MYSTERIES. I will personally fund the art on the side of their van. I’m assuming they both already know the Harlem Globetrotters, so that one writes itself.

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