The Best Hot Dogs of 2022: The Best of YOU 🌭

We built a site that updates with bespoke madness 5 times a week, and one of those days is several hours of podcasting, and you fine folks saw all that and said “not nearly enough!” You savage Hot Doggers did some incredible things this year. You’ve modified and augmented, created and destroyed, and we celebrate it all. Especially the destruction. Like the time…

Best of You Day 2022 #1: You Ruined Paul Dano’s Life

Brockway hunted Sensei Dave Seeger like a manic Lance Henriksen hunting Van Damme through the bayou. He caught his scent at The Karate Rap and stalked him down to Sensei Rainbow and the Dojo Kids, the unaired children’s karate pilot he made on a budget of imagination and light kidnapping. Then prolific Hot Dogger Javo spotted something incredible: It was the very first role of our most twisted Riddler, Paul Dano! He and DeltaFoxTrot set out on a mission: To get the credit added to Dano’s IMDB page as his first role, therefore ruining his career and entire life. They succeeded! RIP Paul Dano.

Best of You Day 2022 #2: You Tormented Artificial Intelligences for Charity

AI Artbots are a slippery moral slope: On the one hand they’re lots of fun, but on the other hand they’re built by stealing the works of living artists in order to put them out of a job and eventually murder them. Avid Hot Doggist Mo thought he had a solution: Make the ‘bots do Hot Dog nonsense, then put it on shirts and donate the proceeds to charity! It should be noted that while Mo started exploiting the Artbots, it is Adrienne whose name they will curse when they rise against us.

Best of You Day 2022 #3: You Made Some Sweet Custom Vans

Mo is our official Hot Dog problem solver: He saw the Discord getting too bogged down in politics and misery and thought “none of this is as good as a sweet custom van.” He was right! God damn it all, that’s true of everything. We posted so many sweet vans we have a sweet van channel to this day, and even held a Design Your Own Hot Dog Van contest! A contest that Will Black absolutely dominated with his Planet Exploding Sharkrider Van (above, and now inside of you). 

Best of You Day 2022 #4: You Automated the Barbarian Fashion Check

Brockway may have invented the Barbarian Fashion Check Game – the ONLY improv game where players are ambushed at random with prompts to describe the outfit of a Barbarian Brother – but it was Josh B who automated it and brought about the modern Barbarian Fashion Industry as we know it today.

Best of You Day 2022 #5: You Made a Feature Length Movie

Basically everything Gellaho does, he does hard and to a worrying extreme. In the Hot Dog Discord, he hosts Friday night live readlongs of all the craziest books he finds in the basements of dead lunatics. But then he went too far, and started turning chapters of them into audiobooks. Then he went way too far and started turning those audiobooks into videos. Then he went Gellaho Far™ and turned an entire Hardy Boys book into a three hour long movie. We’d ask where a sane person could possibly go from there, but we’re sure Gellaho’s already working on the MMORPG. 

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