Upsetting Day: Wuthering High

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4 replies on “Upsetting Day: Wuthering High”

Pale Fire but the first hour is a video for a pop emo epic song and the last 45 minutes is a Talking Dead-type breakdown of its events except it is just one guy and he is very crazy and the fun is to guess whether he is the good kind or the bad kind before the end.

Holy shit, they’d have to invent a whole new award ceremony just to make sure that is the first and only nominee

Toyota Hyundai.
Never log into HotDog before coffee or words like this will confuse you and send you to Google, which will tell you the same thing your brain has been screaming from under the no-coffee pillow.

When I read this book in high school I imagined Heathcliff as the cat and it was much better that way.

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