Podcasting Day: Kumite the Home Game, Episode 2 with Zak Koonce and Vanessa Guerrero 🌭

It’s Kumite Day, the day you celebrate by fighting eight men in a row whenever whimsy strikes you. 


Don’t let whimsy strike you – strike first, strike last with Kumite: The Home Game! If you missed episode 1, you can find it here. But today it’s episode 2, and once again Brockway is your Bloodmaster for the movie Bloodsport but as a table-top role playing game. Playing the foundational delusions of Frank Dux, it’s Auralnaut Zak Koonce as Drank Fux, Karate Shaman. Our resident Ninja Liar is Francine Ducks, played by Vanessa Guerrero, and it’s your one and only Seanbaby as Tarantino Liefeld – he plays the feet!

In this episode you listen to us play Bloodsport the movie the role playing game in which we play the video game Karate Champ. This is an understandable premise. It works, people get it! We also meet a rogue bear and name it Jackson, we get weirdly shit-heavy, and we explode every god damn brick in the house. Come for the martial arts, stay for the lies about martial arts. It’s Kumite: The Home Game!

And after you’ve listened to us play Kumite: The Home Game, you can hold your own Bloodsports by simply wearing this shirt

We promise only that the blood will come! It’s up to you to make sport of it!

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